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  • thread for joining the damotrain
  • Awesome. Cheers Wayne.

    Right. 830 start. 3 laps of plodding, perhaps strolling, trying to stay together, and close together rather than drifting across the road.
    Coffee afterwards (if I've got time).

    List for Saturday 22 October:
  • I might head out early or may go for a run... undecided.

    I have to leave for a wedding at 10:30

  • My new regime = waking up at 6.30 every morning. Getting there earlier is not a problem for me.
  • [quote][cite] Ved:[/cite]I might head out early or may go for a run... undecided.

    I have to leave for a wedding at 10:30


    Another blood wedding, you are getting as bad as Tom and Laura with their holidays.
  • We've not been on holiday for ages ....
  • the last one ricky...

    i'm gonna be totally bangled!
  • foreveralone.jpg
  • said it in the other thread - but I'm in for this - which corner at 8.30?
  • Roehampton gate, by the cafe.
  • Thanks Dan and Damo.

    Lessons learnt this AM:

    1/ Check whether the park is going to be wholly open.

    2/ I should actually look for damo and his subtle banana bike when being late.

    3/ If you're late, go the wrong way around, but only after 15 minutes!

    Anyway, good to spin a bit, still working on my shoulder and fitness :-(
  • Thanks Rob and Dan.

    Yes. When I say "if you're late go anticlockwise" I actually mean "anti-anti-clockwise" i.e. clockwise....
    note to self: stop using digital timepieces.

    I think 8.30 for an 8.45 start gives time for everyone/anyone turning up.

    Still not sorted the fucking curtains yet.....
  • I head to RP today for a lap. Racing tomorrow so only wanted a short ride. Short was what I got. 1000 women running (away from me) up the only two bumps in the park. Didn't see any other Grumps.
  • Thanks to you both - was a nice spin and nice coffee after (cheers rob). Felt strong today so went home via some quick regents laps and swains reps - a good solid 60k all in.

    Up for that arrangement on a regular basis.
  • Hey.

    I'm in this Saturday. Been itching to take the Tempo out for a spin for ages!
  • Right on.
    Shall we say:
    8.30 congregate at the Roehampton Gate cafe.
    8.40 Roll out for 3 laps ANTI clockwise

    If you're late (i.e. >8.45, either chase us down or go the other way (i.e. CLOCKWISE) and join on when you see us.)


    1. Ved
    2. Damo
  • Is this a geared ride?
  • I'll have one gear. Ved will have another. That makes 2.

    Wait. What?
  • Srsly?
  • I'm sure you'll be able to keep up with them on gears Sam
  • Srsly Sam.
    Are you "in" or "out"?

    (i'm guessing "out")
  • Have to check.
  • Potentially in. All depends on if the boys sleeps through the night.

    Will crack out the orange 'thing', 69GI.
  • Yeah, perfect GI Sam.
  • Well, 68.6 to be precise.
  • I'll be "belting" round on 65. Well, 64.88.
  • No can do this week. Looks like it's fixeh only anyway..
  • 1. Ved
    2. Damo
    3. Gary.

    forgotten how to ride a bike, will try to remember.
  • My favourite GI for RP is 66.

  • Multiple gears are acceptable btw.
  • If I come I'll be on my fixed wheel so I can keep the group tight.
  • Multiple gears are acceptable, but are generally frowned upon for this session.
  • balls to that, ride what you like, this 'ant no fixie forum :-0

  • Can I come on one of these
  • No can do this week due to being elsewhere in the UK. I would just like to speak up and say that thus far, of club members, there have been more gears than fixed in general. IMHO, come on whatever! Bikes are encouraged.
  • They see me rollin', they hatin'

  • Nice one Ved :0)

    re: fixie or gears, if it is only Damo or Ved going as well, and they're both on fixed, I would also want to ride fixed to keep the flow going. I have noticed many many times on Tuesday Night rides on the other forum that having a fixed/geared combo effects the group quite a bit. Although this can be rider dependent though.*

    However I'm not sure if I'll be there tomorrow morning anyway.

    * basically this doesn't include Damo or Scarlett!
  • Ved are you on a grifter?
  • That was the "carriage" for Scott's wedding Damo.

    Sam is right, it does require a bit of rider discipline if you want to keep the group tight.

    But its no drama, all are welcome. I was just being facetious (< big word ).
  • Ah... Is he no longer a cripple? (after his football injury).

    While it would be nice if we were all fixed, it's not really a problem. The biggest problem isn't lines of riders staying close to the wheel in front, it's singling up and not drifting out into the middle. Especially as faster (more riders, all geared) trains are coming from behind us. Or cars.

    Plus, if we're all on fixed it looks much better when you twat the other trains on the "hill".
  • Might see you there. I'll be fat burning @zone2 and much slower than u whippets on hills so wave when you go past!
    As I'm not in the club I'll try and stay several metres behind.
  • You don't like a lot of chocolate on your biscuit then?
  • Not in zone2 BMMF...
  • 1. Ved
    2. Damo
    3. Gary.
    3.5 steve (don't wait if i'm not there by 8:40)
  • [quote][cite] BringMeMyFix:[/cite]You don't like a lot of chocolate on your biscuit then?[/quote]

    I love a club
  • [quote][cite] Ved:[/cite]Not in zone2 BMMF...[/quote]

    You filthy bitch.
  • I'm confused. Zone 4 shurely?
  • Oysters get you to zone 9.
  • Nice to see you all, good ride?

    Bit too high for me so Pootled then went with the dynamo for a while, they all seem to be south African?
  • nice ride, my legs hurt a bit now.
  • Nice to see you Rob & Gary.

    Good ride this morning, all finished off with a nice flat white from Grind (thanks again Steve!).

    On the way home I took on Exedown for a laugh, mileage ended up just shy of 50.
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