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  • I am looking at riding in Kent on a Tuesday, on a semi-regular basis. I did this as often as I could last year, generally with a rag tag bunch of whomever I could get to come along.

    It is no fun if it is raining, so I generally give it a miss. Also, I cannot always guarantee that I can get out of work (even on the day).

    The route is a reasonably easy 50 odd km, which is mostly up on the way out, and mostly down on the way back. The aim is to push on the way out and have a blast on the way back. It is reasonable to complete in less than 2 hours. Obviously, a swift beer at the Prince Regent is always on offer.

    Other routes
    Short (46km, 576m)
    Reverse (51km, 497m)
    Easy extension (61km, 656m)
    Medium extension (68km, 953m)
    These can be mixed and matched, including using Beddlestead rather than Layhams to get up to Clarks

    Please also bring lights, even when the sun is still out, some of the lanes can get a bit dark

    Meet at Cadence at 6.45 for a 7.00 départ.

  • Yeah I'm up for this - but probably not for the next month or so
  • Me too, when available.. Think i only managed three evening rides last year, but i'm lining up numerous options to try and up the number. 20 miles tomorrow evening from Epsom with a bloke from work.
  • In. As standard.
  • I could possibly do this once in a while, but spin off and head home after the sort of half way point.
  • I would love to. It will be infrequent though.

  • Tempted by this tonight, but not sure I've got a bright enough front light.
  • Dom - where you at?
    I've got my hope on my bike today. You can borrow?
  • A very kind offer Damo.

    I'm in West Ken at the office, haven't got bike with me, was gonna get home on train and grab the bike.
    Where are you?

  • Hmm. I'm at Tottenham Court Road. I could bob over at lunchtime perhaps?

    Other option is leave yours, come to mine, go to Cadence. I NEED to be home by 630, so you should have time.
  • I wish I could guarantee that I can leave on time today, otherwise I would be able to pop by mine to pick up my Hope. I will give you a shout if it is possible. It would be nice to see you out tonight D.
  • I would love to Jay. But it's not going to happen today, teaching commitments need to be covered and can't be dropped. Plus, I've been and done Regent's loops this morning (pre work).

    I think there's a chance later in the "season".

  • Damo - option 2 would be the winner I reckon. I'll text you.

    JG - let's go! I'm leaving the office at 5, will grab machine and nip to Damo's on the way, so 18.45 should be easily doable.
  • if that doesnt work I  can pick it up from Damo on the way to Cadence
  • Cool Damo. I'm usually up for evening rides, so if you need somebody to beat up hills, give me a shout.

    Excellent. See you later Dommy.
  • Nick - done. 
  • Excellent teamwork chaps.

    Jason.... Nick....

    I'm getting dicked tonight aren't I?
  • It will be pleasant. Bring some lube.
  • I predict for the first half:
    "just bring it down a k"

  • Sonds about right. You know me so well.
  • #experience

  • That rocked. Beautiful sunset as we got to the top of the Cudhams. Almost deserved the beer I drinking now.
  • That was a bloody great Tuesday night ride. Lovely group, lovely pace, not much climbing but lots of smash.
    Got into a funny place on the way back down Layhams. A good place, as the legs felt great, but my head went a bit weird. To much oxygen I reckon.

    29.777 kph average.

    Next time, Gadget. Next time
  • nice one!
  • Got into a funny place on the way back down Layhams. A good place, as the legs felt great, but my head went a bit weird. Too much fat I reckon. 

  • Too few chips
  • Does the hirsute one have plans for a blast tomorrow night?
  • Yes, he does. Same time same place*. The weather says Roberts. 

    *unless I get shafted at work.
  • Not for me this week - will be on a plane :( .. Or in an airport.

    For rizzles.
  • I'll be running :-(

  • Everybody has bailed! Is it because I smell?
  • We're all embarrassed of our legs.
  • I'm not embarrassed and I don't hate you, but I can't make it tonight boss..
  • I'd like to do this one Tuesday but I've been up the last two nights writing a report so will do a short turbo session then pass out. And on holiday next week. Maybe when I return!
  • Swimming and yoga this eve, might see if there's a Wednesday night thread as it looks to be a sweeeet evening tomorrow night.
  • i bumped in to and i rode from vauxhall to stockwell with jaygee and he was inconsolable.  you bastards.
  • He said I wasn't allowed to come unless I shaved my legs
  • Smashed it! You lazy lot missed out.
  • 30kph. Congrats!!!
  • Bravo Jay, that is awesome!
  • rocket man!
  • Excellent work! Clearly we're all holding you back!
  • Epic speeds. Pleased i didn't come along!
  • Most of the ride is either flat or down hill. The route is a really nice way to pass an hour or two. Great to work on steady climbing up the Cudhams, a bit of winding and rolling and lovely descending. It is lonely on my own...
    Please come.

  • I'm there next week!
  • ^^^ sounds like my kind of riding. Unfortunately I have to drop off my bike to be built and drink beer afterwards next week. My life is hard.
  • This is getting strange.
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