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  • Weekly laps of Richmond Park.  Meet at the café at 19:00 to head out at 19:10.  Will do it in the cold or rain but probably not in both or if there is any suspicion of ice. It's likely that some pint action may follow the riding.

    Always plan for 3 laps: 1/2 lap warm-up, 2 laps at a good tempo, 1/2 lap warm-down. Laps should be around the 20 minute mark at tempo and 25 minutes for the 1/2 lap warmers. If you get dropped then keep riding.  Bring lights that are sociable and if possible ride with mudguards in the rain. Don't act like a tit.

    Add your name to the list if you're planning on coming so we know to wait for you.  If you're going to be late or whatever then ride clockwise until you see the group and jump on. 

    Thursday 16th October
    1. Dov
    2. Jaygee
  • Thursday 16th October
    1. Dov
    2. Jaygee
    3. Maveco
  • Playing football on thursdays for the forseeable
  • will haz spreadsheetz?
  • Maybe a SS will haz
  • First time fail. Out. Looks like rain.
  • Light rain at 9? Other than that it looks dry.
  • Come on Jason it's dry as a bone!
  • The whole point of having a black bike is that you can get it a bit dirty and not have to clean it after
  • Ride the TK3
  • Good one Dov.
  • I have brought the T(an)K3 in, and am lycra'd up. It is still more than likely that I am going to be working or drinking or both when this imagehappens.

  • This is the best days weather we've had all week.  I'm going regardless.
  • evidently it’s going to be 20º on saturday. crazy weather.
  • I went for a longer slackers ride yesterday - bizarro weather. Pouring with sweat going uphill, freezing cold going down - sort of OK on the flat. Plus water and mud on the ground everywhere and lots of humidity.
  • Sounds like too much clothes Dan.
  • Or not enough.
  • I could wait for you with a rain cape at the top of every hill if you like. Just like Marco.

  • Week one was a bit of a fail. I left work late and had a double puncture on the way over to the park. Didn't get there until gone 8pm.

    But...what a night for it. So nice. Did two low twenty something laps, dodging the deer and rolling happily around. Wind seemed to always be behind me.

    Next week it is!
  • Good work. I ended up having 2 beers and catching the tube. I wish I'd had the gumption to come out. Next week hopefully.
  • How was the traffic?   Could we consider chaingang training?
  • No traffic. Park was closed to cars.
  • It'll be closed to pedestrians soon for the deer cull. First week of November, for 6 weeks. 8pm onwards.
  • Lovely....well, not for the deer obvs
  • is it closed to bikes then also ?

  • Pity, dodging bullets would add an extra frisson
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