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Sunday 26th October ?
  • Anyone riding tomorrow?
  • Lydia has baby shower today so I promised I will spend Sunday with her. 

    Also I am hopelessly unfit... 
  • I'm riding but ive got to do some work before going to the track league briefing at LVV in the afternoon so it will probably be an early 3 hours in Kent for me.
  • 9am at Richmond Park cafe

    1. Dov
    2. Jaygee
    3. Nicky Horn
  • Excellent. The new (Ultegra) cassette no longer creaks, my stem is now in line with my wheel and the chain doesn't rub on the front mech in the lower trim.

  • Extra hour in bed!
  • I'm fat and unfit.
  • Me too. Yay fat and unfit ride with Dov.
  • I've got 11hrs to do on the TT bike.. so I warmed up by hittin #collabfest at Brewdog. I think 19 different beer should about sort the hydration and carbo loading aspects of this training ride.
  • ^pro tip
  • Anymore attendees?
  • I am aiming on tagging along for a bit.  Hopefully the last couple of weeks trudging around the Himalayas goes some way to off-setting the fact I haven't been on my bike for over 5 weeks, otherwise I may have to bail early.
  • Altitude training. I call foul!
  • @Fred - We're leaving here at 08:25 so will pick you up at 08:40
  • Great ride people!
  • I am currently recovering in bed with a second beer, after a ham and cheese omelette.
  • I was so shit. Lovely company though. I really enjoyed the mental offroad section.
  • If anyone ever uses that route, be advised, the off road section is about 3km long. Well fun though!
  • What bikes were u riding?  
  • I was on the Bat Bike. I recon it would cope very well if I was into cyclocross. Dov forgot to mention the off road section when he posted the route. We lolled.
  • Oof!!  :-)

  • Dovs bike didn't handle the pavĂ© too well.
  • Lanes be dark!
  • Did Graham and Dan Dan go out?

    I saw some cheese straws on Instagram.... 
  • Dan went to Kent with a hangover 

  • I did - only 60k at midday though. Felt terrible to start with, but as soon as I got going I was alright. 
  • Ved said:

    Did Graham and Dan Dan go out?

    I saw some cheese straws on Instagram.... 

    Yes we did. I saw that dov had planned his ride as a possible off the forum jaunt so wanted to see if others wanted a club ride, hence the thread. Just ended up texting DanDan for a Peaslake short loop.
  • did a club run happen then?
  • What makes four club members riding out from RP a club run or not a club run?
  • Genuine question.
  • Is it something to do with insurance? i.e. If it's arranged on the forum and for club members it's covered?
  • NickH said:

    What makes four club members riding out from RP a club run or not a club run?

    A new thread would have simplified things.
  • No worries. I just thought it was just a ride for you three as it started on another thread as an off the forum ride, hence not a club run idea.

    of course club colours riding together is a club run, but sometimes everyone fancies a ride with mates rather than the full club. I thought that was what was being organised so I thought I would post a thread to get others out?

  • Sorry for the confusion. I think a club run should have more than 4 riders. My kit was in the wash too...

    Hopefully the weather plays nice and we can get a proper joined up thing going this week.
  • I was half expecting you to be wearing this J

  • Not being sandy. Just desperately wanting a full club, club run.
  • I'm with you dude. I'd like to do a Grumpy assault on Box Mountain, the old out and back route, perhaps without the cyclocross section if the weather has been wet.

    Wayne that attaque kit is ace. I'll save my bibs for Sunday. I only have a single functioning pair :p
  • That would be nice - a full run. 

    I should be around for a ride this Sunday - but playing 11 a side (followed by much beer) for the first time in many, many years the day before so will be in pieces. If I can pedal I will come though. 

    I would love to see The Wildgoose in full flight too. It's been far too long. 
  • A club run with a good turnout would be very nice, sadly for me I am doing a gig on Sunday in Bury St. Edmonds.

    Oh the glamour.

  • I would love to see The Wildgoose in full flight too. It's been far too long. 

    To tide you over

  • He must have at least 6 go pros! 
  • I want one I think. 
  • wayne said:


    Oh no he isn't.
  • dubtap said:

    To tide you over

    Such pensive. Many atmosphere. 
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