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  • The weather is closing in, and Sunday is not looking promising either. But...

    What about we do an out and back to the famous hill in Surrey.

    Something around 70Km, with less than 1000m of climbing. Unfortunately, the old cyclocross route may be a little optimistic. The last time I went out for a short dash, we took this route. There is a section around Fetcham/Great Bookham where is gets a bit suburban, but otherwise it is pleasant. I'm happy with suggestions, and will update the route in this post.

    Old school rules apply:
    Only casual willy waving.
    First one to the top buys the tea.

    It would be nice to get a reasonable sized bunch out. 
  • Col du Box! Allez!
  • In. Although I will warn everyone that Ele is due on Tuesday and I may get 'the call' when we are out. If that happens I expect a chain gang digging deep...
  • In.

    doesn't look like I'll be buying the teas then :^]
  • To be on the safe side we could just meet in Richmond Park for coffee
  • Those grey bibs...
  • Imagine the run in if the call does come to Graham.
    Everyone gets all HTC Sprint train. G sitting on 3rd/4th wheel.
    Images of Cav.
    Images of great sprint finishes.
    Eh. ISn't it?
    Jumpers for goal posts etc and so on.
  • we need Big John to come on the ride, he'd derny us back no probs
  • Put John Will and me on the front - everyone gets a free ride. #cashback
  • I was just sick in my mouth at the thought of trying to hang on to that echelon.
  • Would love to ride but will be in Bolton sunday and have strained my back picking up a t shirt and cant get on a bike! This meant I had to take public transport to work this week for the first time in 14 months. I am not happy about this.
  • worst injury evah!
  • Beats the time I put my back out opening the curtains.
  • I proper fucked myself up washing my hair in the shower a few months back.

    Best get to that work physio Dan...
  • wtf dommy... 

    i'm on lockdown...
  • Hey Jay I'm not sure if I got this right ? Is it a cyclo cross ride or ? Weather permitting I be keen for a spin
  • Hello Falcon!  Just a normal road ride.  Jay does not like getting dirty....well, at least not on the bike.
  • Yes, the route is all roads. That said, the weather is not looking very promising. I'm going to open 1 eye at 8am tomorrow, and make a call then.
  • Monster club run next week?
  • Sound ,I have an eye on the weather and an other at this forum than guys
  • we might miss the rain...

    Richmond park 9am

  • I have broken myself playing 11 a side football in Brighton today. Involvement is doubtful. Beer may also be to blame.
  • I'm working in Bury St. Edmunds tomorrow.
  • Sorry people. I'm out.
  • The weather looks dubious enough for me to be happy to stay in to rest my lightly cracked rib some more...

    Graham - Hope all goes well for Ele and you next week
  • I hope for better weather next time !
  • Cheers Will !

    Hmm I am at the park and can confirm the weather the looks dubious and Wayne is here and has offered me breakfast... Decisions?

    Breakfast it is!

    Might not be out next week but it depends if baby continues to do handstands.
  • I think you should take him up in his breakfast offer. That's too good to miss.
  • Graham said:

    Cheers Will !

    Hmm I am at the park and can confirm the weather the looks dubious and Wayne is here and has offered me breakfast... Decisions?

    Breakfast it is!

    Might not be out next week but it depends if baby continues to do handstands.

    The right choice G. 

    It was belting it down around 10 in Richmond. I took Lydia for breakfast. 

    Gotta help those oxytocin hormones innit...
  • I think it might be time to send me off to the glue factory.
  • playing footie was your first mistake
  • G-dawg gets the SKHMA today, it was absolutely lashing it down when we departed [I was significantly nearer home than he was]
  • wayne said:

    playing footie was your first mistake

    Playing in central midfield was my second... Getting shitfaced, my third...
  • CX ride down the East Sussex lanes for me today, can confirm it was pissing it down constantly from 10-12
  • Strong work Simon!! That was chucking it down!

    I had on the my bargain winter boots I picked up in the sigma sport sale. Note to all, waterproof boots hold in water in extremely well.

    I may not be out on a club run soon but I will be doing some route planning in the meantime so I may post up some weekly routes that will be a bit different from the norm.
  • Good work those that ventured out. I'm still in bed.
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