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Hell of Ashdown
  • Anyone fancy entering this next year? My brother and I are going to ride it.

    Instead of an early start I am going for a later time of around 9:30am. That way if it is cold it has a slight chance of warming up a bit more during the ride. Also means youse Londoner types can get down in time.

    Yes, it is very expensive but it's all for charity!

    Entries open at midnight Friday, as in Friday night/Saturday morning.
  • Not after last year
  • That's why I'm aiming for a later start!

    Or are you referring to me blowing you out?...... :0(
  • Everyone blew me out and then I fell off :-)

    Glad you and your bro are riding it and later start is good idea. 

    Would be good to ride with you so, might just get a place and hope the planets align on 22 Feb.

  • Would like to do this, this year
  • This year? You only have 2 months to go.
  • I know it says do not steal, but I'm only sticking them here and not all over social media, etc.

    Was a great ride on Sunday, lovely tail wind coming back from Ashdown Forest.




  • That bartape!
  • Dat beard!
  • So Euro.
  • Got nice comments twice on Sunday about the bar tape.

    When I got the bike in 2010 (second hand), it came with Italian flag tape. The first thing I wanted to do was get new tape. Since then I have replaced the tape twice with the same stuff :0)
  • All class!
  • Nice one Sam. Reprezenting!

    Glad you enjoyed it.
  • Fucking hipsters.
  • Ah now, you have to mind the language in the Rides section which is public.
  • Didn't even recognise you Sam!
  • Why, were you there?
  • No, I mean in the photos.
  • Humour him, he is getting old.
  • Sweet beard Sam !
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