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BASH CLUB 2014/15 - Regular Saturday, usually Kent, no big monsters until Feb hopefully.
  • Following the massive success of Bash Club 2013/14 and 2012/13, Bash Club 2014/15 is starting.

    Technically, it should really be base club, but it became a bit of a winter dick swinging contest. This year, I WANT MUDGUARDS, I WANT MUDGUARD FLAPS, GLOVES, WIDE TYRES, LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION.

    I'm hoping that I'll be out most Saturdays. Usually early, probably out by 7 (8ish at the latest), into Kent, back by 11 (12 at the latest). 
    Things like this:

    (I know those have hills in them)

    This weekend I'm hoping to do this one:

    Which blows everything out of the water really. What with being full of hills and everything.

    Early starts, because I was at Cadence at 9 on a Sunday. SO MANY PEOPLE. IN GABBA JACKETS.

  • I have mudguards, but no flaps. I have gloves, very slow 28mm tyres, I don't do GoPro and I'm not sure what you mean by ACTION.

    You can't really go into Kent without doing hills.

    Can I come? (if it isn't raining)
  • Of course Jay!
    Note the start time.
  • Probably inter-ing tomorrow, knee depending. If not. I ride. 
  • damo said:

    Of course Jay!

    Note the start time.
    Does out by 7 actually mean 7am, or can "8ish at the latest" be applied?

    Note my aversion to rain. Sometimes it rains at 7am, even when the sun is out. 
  • For inaugural events, I believe you can apply special dispensation rules and start at 8. 

    It's called the "Damo doesn't want to ride alone" rule. 
  • You will be very displeased if I wet the bed though.

  • Standard.
  • Bravo!!  Forza Bash Club.

    70 kms
    Damo's astronaut feet
    Jay smiling
    Jay complaining
    Mat crying
    Brasted Chart

    Good times

  • Yes. This will be possible (at times).

    Not tomorrow though.
  • I hope to be joining this regularly, although not this week. 

    I am very unfit at the moment however. But as a result, I could supply the tears and strops, Maveco-style, just to keep up tradition. 
  • I nearly supplied the tears and strops today. Fortunately, Jay had a word and I pulled my head in.

    7 for a 730 start will be the way forward.
  • Cheers Damo. Nice gentle intro to the bash season. I'm glad I fell out of bed. 8/10 would bash.
  • Yes, good effort. Why did you cry though?
  • Nearly cried Will.
    My legs weren't up to it. Beddlestead hurt. A LOT.
  • Anyway.

    This week.


  • No. I have drinks after work on Friday. Saturday will be hurty.
  • I remember you saying....
  • Can somebody text me when you are likely to be getting to the top of anerly hill? I might wander up and cheer enthusiastically your Herculean efforts, maybe even a back slap, hug or wipe your tears if you are feeling emotional or vulnerable.
  • My back is still knackered I'm afraid.
  • ^^ Does that mean you've moved? Exciting!
  • Not quite,Tomorrow.
    But if I get bored of sleeping on cushions/carry mat then I'm coming back to to Tooting until Monday when mattress turns up.
  • Congrats Gary!
  • Damo, whats your start time?  I might get a pass after missing cross last weekend.
  • In the boss's absence, the consensus (out of 2) last week was 7 for a 7.30 sharp start. No slacking!
  • 7.30 sharp (!) start.
  • And for this reason, I'm out!* 

    *Unless I can drag myself out of bed**

    **Which needs to happen to avoid this year's early/mid summer angst***

    ***I hgot marginally better
  • Isn't it still dark at 7:30?
  • Yes Will. Yes it is.

  • Bring lights.
  • Also, I've been shit for a long time on the bike. (or so it seems)
    I have a recollection that doing Bash Club made me quite strong. I'm not sure whether this was the case, or whether it was the fact everyone else took time off and then when they came back from their break I was relatively better than them.
  • Yes, Jay briefed us on your performance.
  • Last week's performance?

    I bribed him not to mention that.
  • That 2013 season was defo helped by the winter and spring miles we put in.  For a number of weeks we were very regularly getting out for 50+ miles with hills.  It helped me no end with my sojourn into the sleeveless world that year. 

  • hey. it's a little rainy tomorrow, and you guys are riding on Sunday ( which looks even more rainy, by the way.. ), so is this happening tomorrow ?
  • Oh, I hadn't noticed the dire weather for Sunday...

    Right, I might shift our ride to Saturday instead.
  • Just looked at the weather. Jesus wept.
  • He's always blubbing. And if it's not him it's Damo.

    Are you around tomorrow for a later start (instead of Sunday)?
  • I have committed to dad o'clock start with damo. I think I would rather just get the whole thing over and done with. Will be wet whatever we do and whatever time. Would rather be out early when there are less cars.

    This is all dependent on me getting a decent amount of sleep obviously.
  • OK. Good for Damo to have some company.
  • amended route - I am not up for descending Titsey in the pouring rain: 

  • Seems sensible to me.
  • Also
    Agata if you want to come along, feel free. Early start though...
  • There's a right hand turn across Clark's. That could be tricky.
  • Looks like a nice route.

    I'm intending to go out tomorrow morning but not until later.

    I expect to pass by Cadence around 9:30. Maybe later (depending on the weather).

  • damo said:

    There's a right hand turn across Clark's. That could be tricky.

    Have edited it now so that we follow Clark's down into Westerham and then cut across. Adds a little bit of distance but no climbing to speak of. 
  • damo said:

    Agata if you want to come along, feel free. Early start though...

    Thanks, tempted :)
    Yeah, the early start...scary.. is it 7am  at Cadence ?

  • Well...
    We'll leave Cadence at 7.30.

    I live 10 minutes away, Dan's about 15.
    I wouldn't want to get there at 7 and hang around till 730.

    If you don't feel like it in the morning let me know on here, or by text on
    oh seven eight 9 oh nine seven six 531

  • Agree, no point waiting around.
    yes, let's do this, I will let you know for sure. Cheers.

  • Forcast looking a little more promising (less shit)
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