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CLUB RUN // SUNDAY 14th DECEMBER // Fairoaks airport loop
  • Route: Airport loop. 
    Meet: Richmond Park cafe 9am. 
    Pace: Social (28km/h on the flat - minimal heroics please) 
    Coffee stops: Tried and True in Putney at the end of the ride. Too cold to stop in the middle at the moment. 

    Would be nice to see some faces.

    List: 1. Dan 
  • I'm "racing" on Sunday. 
    If I can't be bothered with that, I'll come to this. I have a pass and I'm using it for bike related things.

  • Where are you racing D?

  • May bang. Ideally I need to be back in Richmond within 2 hrs. May be pushing it.
  • Nice one Dan for organising,  Sadly I'll be washing carpets.
  • 1. Dan
    2. jaygee
  • Dan
  • Go team!
  • Dan

    Gonna be a cold one..
  • Do Canada goose do cycle wear?
  • Sorry Dan still showing the baby to family....

    Have great ride chaps!
  • How long would you be out for approx ?
  • Just over two hours in theory.
  • Take it easy men. Black ice etc.
  • Thanks ,might show my face at the cafe in Putney if too icy or sleepy after the standard lap or two ,,, in Richmond park
  • I have puncture. Will be 10 late
  • Thanks for the ride all. The puncture fairies weren't kind but the company was good. 

    I ended up doing 130k all in by going to see my mum after - ride back from NW6 at 4pm was pretty awful unfortunately. 
  • Only few punctures and an annoying spare tube.... 

    Great ride. Cramp central for me. Time off the bike really shows. 

    Thanks for organising and leading Dan. Skills. 
  • will said:

    Take it easy men. Black ice etc.

    Ice was OK Will, warmed up relaively quickly. Just a bit dodgy first thing around RP and surrounding area. 
  • Glad to hear it. Sounds like a good ride. Great Instagram action too.
  • They gritted Regents Park for the first time in ever I think #safetyfirst
  • Nice ride indeed, bit overdressed, not enough cake stops for me but I more than made up for it in Tried & True...
    Bacon and Marscapone? Wow..


  • ooooh hello! Did anyone have the pulled pork eggs benedict?
  • Yup. Dan and I pigged out. It was good, washed down with Camden Hells.
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