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Thursday 18 th dec ,morning ride
  • Anyone interested in a easy ride on Thursday late morning ?
  • You may want to also post this in the Slackers thread. 
  • Thanks I thought I give it a try in case someone free
  • I am also slacking as I've finally finished for the year! Crazy year at work (the company has had three bosses come and go) and the arrival of baby (and all the highs and lows - mostly seeing a nappy that contains poo to shoulder level).

    I can't do tomorrow but can do this weekend (i will start a thread) or next week and thereafter.
  • To be fair I am not slaking, I work weekends so I get days of mid week ;) I am happy to get a ride & cafe in when I get the time and anyone is out not tackling poo !
  • Anyone out tomorrow ?say 11:00 rmp?
  • I will be stuck at work sadly
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