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  • Social ride airport loop - meet at RP at 10
  • In.

  • I hope to join you. I will confirm tomorrow.
  • My folks are gonna be here. Fark.
  • Tell them you're just popping out to get some milk
  • Just realised that I have to be at the Barbican for 2.30. We should be back for around 1, no?
  • Sadly I'm in Chelmsford until the 27th. Have a good one!
  • Jaygee said:

    Just realised that I have to be at the Barbican for 2.30. We should be back for around 1, no?

    Mm.. Maybe we could start at 9?
  • Owing to minor family dramas I won't be joining you :)

    Hope you have a good ride.
  • Have you got someone pregnant will?
  • Ha ha! No, Dad's not feeling great so helping keep an eye on him. He's had a flu for a week or so and is pretty run down. I think he's alright though.

    It looks like it might be pretty icy tomorrow so take it easy... Hope you get to stop off at T&T. Sorry to be missing that! Good luck on racking up more Festive 500 credentials.
  • Sorry to hear that Will.
  • Likewise - heal up Will's dad...

    Tomorrow should be ok, but 27th could be a bit dicey if the rain which falls tomorrow night freezes.
  • Best wishes to your Dad Will.  

    I was a bit worried on our ride last week, my knees hurt and I had chest pains.  Thought, great, so this is getting old is it?  Next day at work, puked me guts up and felt horrid, tummy still not quite right (alcohol helping).  But glad it was illness, rather than age, that caused discomfort on that ride.
  • Thanks fellas. He seems a bit brighter today. I'm sure the mandatory Christmas fun is helping lift his spirits!

    ^ Glad you're feeling better. Probably the furious pace that did it or perhaps a CSG bantz overdose.
  • I'm not sure I will make it tomorrow. Today was quite hard - misery on a bike.
  • Where did you go? I see no Strava data as yet.
  • Poor lamb, the Garmin is still frozen onto his Cervelo.
  • I went to Surrey
  • Have been driving around Kent and in half an hour I saw a grand total of 4 (proper) cyclists. Clearly a day for staying inside.
  • @Sam. "Thought, great, so this is getting old is it?"

    Damn it Sam, you have no idea. Look at me: falling to pieces, angina, arthritis, gout, dementia, blind, deaf, incontinent (doubly), sclerosis of the liver... And I'm not even 60 yet.
  • @Gooseman - wrong Sam, but I quite often feel like @biarittz did that day. Getting old is shit.
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