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Saturday 24 January - Surrey
  • So looks like the weather will brighten up towards the tail end of this week. Who's in for a social ride into Surrey?
  • I'm up for this Simon
  • I should be too.
  • I could possibly get a pass
  • I think I can get a have a pass for this. I have to be back for lunch though.

    Lunch being around 12.30. I think.
  • Meet at RP cafe for a 8:30am depart
    Should see us back to the park before midday (or lunchtime for Damo)


    Those not eating lunch at Chez Damo can refuel with coffee and red velvet cake at T&T.
  • This would be a perfect opportunity to mourn my 30s with a ride up box mountain.
  • Col de Box! Ooh la la
  • Couple of lumps along the way, but it is still winter after all so steady pace social is the mantra for this ride. Excuses of 'Christmas weight' are still valid until end of Jan.
  • Count me in, pass stamped.

    Will probably meet you at Bushy Park Gate.

  • I'm not around Saturday. Getting fitted to my new Ridley at Scherrits.
  • Dan why so sandy...
  • Needs moar blowjhobs.
  • Can someone convince me there won't be ice tomorrow?
  • There will be no ice tomorrow.
  • I rode to work this morning at 8am, it was about -3 degrees and the roads were fine.

    Tonight is forecast to be warmer with some rain and not dropping below freezing.

  • There's no ice to see here. Move along. Move along.
  • Keen to join... need to get more miles in my legs

  • Just watched the weather
    - Rain and cloud tonight (so temperatures won't drop too low)
    - Fairly icy start in the morning
    - Temperatures up to 5 or 6 tomorrow

    Hopefully just about ok...
  • I caved and am at my desk with 4 Stella bottles in front of me. I will be riding the BatBike tomorrow, so there had better not be any ice!
  • Just to confirm I will meet you at bushy park gate about 9.
  • I'm going out tomorrow instead so don't wait for me
  • Just discovered my front mech cable has shredded itself and is hanging on by a thread. Have to wait until lbs opens at 9 before I can fix it :(... I'm out.
  • Guys I over slept my alarm this morning so won't make it... I blame it on the beers last night!
  • Just got back from a jaunt to Beddlestead... Icy as fuck down there. I stacked it, then when some guy stopped to see if I was ok, he did too. Layhams looked icy as well, so I just turned around and headed back.
  • Eesh. You OK though Nath?
  • Yep. Sore flank, but one damaged banana...
  • It looks bent.
  • Ouch. Hope you're ok.

    Can you still use the banana or are you going to have to replace it?

    Perhaps you could make a banana cake (which with a sufficiently ripe banana is surprisingly nice).
  • Poor banana. Glad u faired better Nath
  • Hope you are OK Nath. Headed out with the guys this morning but back was hurting on anything that looked like a hill so headed back home. Riders heading the other way were warning about ice, hope you were all OK.
  • Bad luck Nath. Glad you're ok. Hope the banana is feeling better.
  • Sorry to hear about your ice capped Nath. There was a bit of ice around in Surrey, but mainly on the road margins. We all escaped unscathed.

    Heal up both Nath and Dan.
  • I'm not hurt! Bike is repaired now though. Sods law that we had the furniture piled against the bike cupboard because of carpet cleaning so I couldn't actually get the fancy bike out and ride that instead. Middle class woes.
  • Not you silly.
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