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CLUB RUN // SUNDAY 8th February // Fairoaks airport loop
  • Sorry for the late notice. The weather looks chilly, but reasonably dry on Sunday. I'd like to go out and do some steady miles. If it looks like there is still some water on the roads from Saturday. I will bring the TanK3.

    Route 9am start - I'd prefer to get the ride done then have a coffee.

    Please note I will not be riding if there is any ice.
  • Saturday looks to be the warmest day/night for a long long time, so hopefully (for you) there shouldn't be much ice around.
  • Blah, working Sunday... have a good one.  I'll try and swing by the park to say hi if I manage to get up super-early and get some miles in, but I suspect the motivation levels may not quite be up to it.
  • I will need to be back early so I might just do a few laps on the park.
  • ^ And then breakfast at Tried & True with Wayne?

    ^^^^ Followed by lunch at Tried & True with Wayne?
  • Flying to Geneva on Sunday morning. Next weekend...
  • Nic on girls weekend away = dandan dadduties
  • Nice one Jay.  

    Sadly my Club Run involvement is now doomed due to needing to get Joel to swimming lessons.  He has cottoned on that the bath is not a swimming pool :-) 

    Hopefully they skip lessons in half-term and I may get the occasional reprieve.
  • No worries. My l legs are sore from having chrissie wellington shouting at me on my turbo. I'd like some nice gentle miles on the road.
  • I could be up for a slow roll. Bike needs washing though
  • It's a no for me.

  • No good for me. Hoping to go out tomorrow morning though?
  • I will see if I can get pass.
  • I am also going to see if I can get a pass. I will be VERY SLOW
  • Can I bring along two 'strangers'?

    One is a friend I ride with a lot, he'll fit in well I think, and one is a stranger to me, but friend of his.

  • There is alway room for a few more. As long as they are happy to ride at our pace.
  • Has anybody been out in the lanes today? It looks like there hasn't beem any rain. Could it be BatBike time?
  • Was a bit of misty rain earlier - and some greasy roads.. Depends how much of a tart you are? ;)
  • Cheers. I'll stick with the Roberts.
  • Can't make it tomorrow, sadly. Have a good one
  • Out. Bike broken. :(
  • My friend's friend is an unknown quantity, so we're rolling around Toys, Ide and Star instead with a bit of cake involved. Totes be on a club run soon, though.
  • Classic Nath
  • Ended up doing 3 hills in Surrey with special guest stars Jonny, Katy and Dov. It was a nice day for it too.
  • did the puncture fairy pay another visit or did JayGee's boot of awesome last the whole ride?
  • Nope. There were a couple more.
  • First an impromptu single speed conversion happened...

  • Then the 'friend's friend of unknown quantity' stacked it on Layhams on that corner...
  • His leg was worse. Anyway, we had nice Victoria sponge at the Ide Hill Cafe and I hope to drag these two along to a club run soon.

    I'm glad JG and co had fun in Surry, sorry I couldn't make it.
  • There will be blood.
  • Blimey!
  • Ouch! That road should be closed. It's a death trap...
  • Don't say that! I love Layhams. It just needs more regular maintenance, to be closed to motor vehicles on Tuesday Nights and Saturday mornings and a berm on "that" corner.
  • It's pretty safe going the other way.
  • A berm with epic camber 
  • They repaired the bit just by the police dog centre but its already started falling apart again
  • Any club runs this Sunday?
  • Ride 100 panic preparation?
  • I'm ill, no riding for me this weekend.
  • Not me. Saturday. Early doors. 

  • Bike still broken :(
  • What's wrong with it?
  • Italian engineering
  • American / Taiwanese.... S works crankset, pedal threads come unbonded from the crank arm. 

    too much power.
  • Gammy pedalling action from too much running most likely...
  • American / Taiwanese.... S works crankset, pedal threads come unbonded from the crank arm. 

    too much power.


  • Take it back to seller. Demand refund.
  • Think it might have been weather related - the speedplay pedal on that side was almost completely seized - too much water during ridelondon I think. (last time rode in anger).

    Maybe siezed pedal was causing excess pressure, dunno. Gonna take it to a bloke in Hackney Wick for rebonding anyway - only £50
  • Great success
  • I lost my crank due to seized Speedplay.  Like a Russian lady I once dated, way too high maintenance.   
  • In my case, no maintenance.... :(
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