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  • So...

    The clocks go back on Sunday, and that means...

    The route is a reasonably easy 50 odd km, which is mostly up on the way out, and mostly down on the way back. The aim is to push on the way out and have a blast on the way back. It is reasonable to complete in less than 2 hours. Obviously, a swift beer at the Prince Regent or Florence is always on offer.

    Other routes
    Short (46km, 576m)
    Reverse (51km, 497m)
    Easy extension (61km, 656m)
    Medium extension (68km, 1002m)

    These can be mixed and matched, including using Beddlestead rather than Layhams to get up to Clarks

    Please also bring lights, even when the sun is still out, some of the lanes can get a bit dark

    Meet at Cadence at 6.45 for a 7.00 départ.

  • Its back!!
  • Tuesdays just got real
  • The weather is looking a bit Gent-Wevelgem tomorrow. Unless the forecast 60 - 100km/h winds abate overnight, I'm abandoning. Not a great start to "the season".

  • I'm working tomorrow night sadly. Going riding tomorrow morning though.......should be interesting.

    I'd leave the bat bike at home Jay!
  • That is the plan...
  • Are those route links right Jay? The reverse doesn't go in reverse?
  • ignore me.
  • The forecast has softened. Still dodgy right up until we are due to start. I'm taking the tube to work. I will keep an eye on the weather. If the wind drops further, and if I can get back in time. This might be on.
  • I'll report back when I get home this afternoon. Just rode across town and it was ok, the lanes might be different though. Is it a big group?
  • I'm going, whatever happens.
  • windy as fuck up here, roof tiles are lifting and i can hear a chainsaw. the fucking annoying circus bigtop is still standing though.
    i bet you are only going out for a wind assisted strava segment
  • I don't even Strava bro.
  • Echelons!

    (fuck that, I'm staying home)
  • When it comes to echelons I'm a REMF
  • I was trying to find something about the weather last year. 
    I gave up. 
  • Dov mentioned that (t)he(y) will be heading out to Ramsgate or Margate, with the wind at his back. Ge the miles in!
  • And back? 
    OR are they getting the train?
    Trains are now allowed are they?
  • Not back as far as I know. Dov is a rule breaker.
  • I'm all sorts of perplexed.

  • Fuuuuuuck. All fine but a block headwind all the way back in. Didn't feel dangerous at all, some sketchy moments with gusts but nothing to worry about.
  • What's this Margate shit?
  • Just me then?
  • Did Kent Easy, however far that is - 50k or whatever. 2:02 as well, fairly pleased with that.

    Get it in the sheet.
  • LOLZ

    Well played Dommy, bloody windy out in the sticks tonight.
  • Wasn't too bad among the hedgerows, big gusts anytime there was a gap.

    Along the ridge up Clarks lane  was probably the worst.
  • Chapeau Dommy!
  • Dommy takes the lead. Not sure how we are going to deal with multiple rides.
  • I think I should get some sort of solo multiplier.

    Breakaway rides can't count to official figures, surely?
  • You could see if you're eligible for SKHM points.
  • if i ride during the day on a tuesday will that count?
  • Smiffy said:

    if i ride during the day on a tuesday will that count?

    Good point Gary.

  • Smiffy said:

    if i ride during the day on a tuesday will that count?

    This is all hypothetical.
  • The trophy gets awarded for the person who has completed the greatest mileage on the 

    Kent Undulating Night Time Sessions
  • The run in after Grays Lane is going to be "challenging" at night. There are some MASSIVE fucking holes in the road out there.
  • I bunny hopped them all, piece of piss.
  • I got vertigo near them.
  • yeah it's a bit grim up there. I suspect they're keeping it that way to encourage cyclists to eff off..
  • Who's in for tomorrow? I've not ridden at all this weekend so I am IN.
  • Need to see what work is like tomorrow - will take my kit and bike in though.
  • Looks like a beautiful day. Should stay around 10 degrees too. IN1 Unless I get hobbled at work.
  • I’m riding the TNRC.
    tomorrow lunchtime in the sunshine.
  • I'm doing some miles in Kent in about 30 minutes.
  • dont forget the factor 50
  • Not racing = arm and leg warmers

    (like i ever effing race...)
  • I am here.
  • Bollocks. Nick just turned up.
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