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SUNDAY 5th club style ride Kent
  • Strictly social pace, ideal for returnee's, new dads and slackers.
    Route is this
    But will cut across greys road if that's the general consensus. Starting from cadence and will pick a time to suit sometime between 8-9, back in time for the TDF
    No pain cave action, some of the roads are narrow but nice for a roll along in the sun.
    If the extra loop is wanted then somebody load it into their navigation device as I'm not so familiar with that part of route.
  • Style ride.


    Do I have to wear a silk scarf and don full waffa ?
  • wear whatever you like, i’ll probably be in head to toe euro-fluro giordana and wearing my sex tourist™ shades.
  • I think I will be racing 
  • I'll be parenting :-(
  • I've given up bikes on Saturdays. Unless it's 6am starts and home by 9am. Or starts at 7 pm.

    It's like TFL and bus lane usage.
  • I'm on Dad duties this Saturday, the other half has a baby shower
  • i’ll close the thread then, had so much bants lined up too.  :-( 
  • Ved is in.  Well, he was until you mentioned Giordana
  • Not stylish enough.
  • is your bike Italian or custom? that might make up for it?
  • any takers? Ved were you riding?
    otherwise i’m not going to set the alarm/might stay at the other halfs.
  • Lovely day for it, Saturday's no good for me tho gaffer
  • actually i think i could move this to sunday if that helps?
  • Gary sorry I'm baby sitting all weekend as Lydia has a work interview and presentation on Monday. 
  • No worries. Got a free weekend so might do a short ride both days
  • I'm going to head out from Cadence at 9 for either 70 or 100km
  • May of met you at cadence but currently stuck in teenage festival exodus transport hell in Finsbury Park trying to get home.
  • will ride tomorrow.
  • Couldn't shake dad duties for tomorrow so can't make it. Nice one for organising a ride, really fancied a ride in Kent too. Enjoy the morning as it looks like rain midday.
  • Will do another one soon, maybe a bit longer (there's a real wiggly/loopy one on my strava)
    Lots of grass down the middle of the road, not for TTers or strava heroes.

    Banter not Strava™
  • anyone for tomorrow?
  • I'm away all weekend visiting folks
  • anyone for Saturday? i know most of you ride sunday but thought i would ask. no planned route but a wiggle through some kent lanes strictly zone 2 social pace.
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