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  • Anyone up for a bit of blacktop?
  • Sadly I'm unavailable again. Been ages since I got out on a club run.
  • Is that Prom shizzle?
  • Also unavailable. 
  • It's a family birthday this time but most of the time it's Proms stuff. Busy days.
  • We are your fam Princess. 
  • I'm riding to EB's aunts place in Kent for lunch.. or getting in the car if it's wet. :( 
  • Looks like I have a pass for Sunday.

    Fancy doing the new-ish loop  I did with Graham and Tom a while back with a nice new tea stop outside Windsor?
  • Sounds good Dan. I'm in!*

    * Sleep and weather depending 
  • So assuming it doesn't rain too badly how about this route...

    Slight variation on the one I mentioned but still takes in the new tea stop.
  • Nice one Dan, route looks good.

    The forecast looks rough. Let's hope it changes.
  • So what's the plan for tomorrow? Weather looks to be grey but maybe dry in the morning.

    Meet at bushy park gate?

  • I was thinking meet Denny at 9 in the park and then pick you up on the way thro?
  • Sounds good to me - i'll get there about 9:30 then.

    Mudguards on, lights charged, raincoat at the ready.
  • Cool, weather not looking too bad now. See you at 9 Wayne
  • Nice roll out with Denny and DoubleDan. 120k at a decent average. Proper sausage rolls at the cafe stop. Their full english brekkie looked awesome but I'm no Desi.

    frickin Surrey roads tho, my arsecheeks are battered
  • Yep, cheers for the ride fellas, it was far too long since the last weekend club ride. Hope to get out a bit more frequently over the winter
  • Really enjoyed my egg bap at the cafe btw
  • It's all about the savory choices at the cafe stop.
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