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Sunday 20th September - Around the Cock(pole green)
  • Was planning another ride out to Berkshire. I have done a few different loops out to find the best lanes and best tea stop over that way to form a better flat / Windsor esq route. 

    The tea stop is Fernygrove farm shop which is more than half way around the loop so its a well deserved break,  they do a mean sausage roll and a slice of carrot cake that is the size of a house brick. There is a little petting area where you can feed a goat if you fancy (recommended).

    The loop is flat and is around 70 miles is from RP. The lanes are mostly single roads and have hardly any cars. I will post a loop up but it is my most recent Strava ride (there aren't too many so will be easy to find...). The loop is a shorter henley run if people are familiar with that route.

    A fairly early start would be preferred. If people want to drive and park at mine thats cool (Kent peeps) or if others want to join part way (John, Simon ...) let me know and we can arrange a spot to meet at. It would be great to get a nice group together

    RP 8:00

    Graham house (62 Thames street Weybridge) 9:00

  • RP 8:00

    Graham house (62 Thames street Weybridge) 9:00
  • I'm going to try and ride out with you to tea stop but will ride back to Wokingham to the in laws.
  • G, is there a shorter version of this that I can do? (If you post the route maybe I can work out a way to chop 25-30k of it off) 

    I really need to be home by 1 at the latest. Maybe I'll ride out with you guys and do the airport loop in reverse or something. 
  • I'll set a couple of routes dan and post them up. There is a short route and to be frank going to the teastop and having a breakfast then riding back would be equally great.
  • Who is Frank?
  • Boo can't make this as I will be on the last day of a 3-day-nic's-away-dad-duty bonanza

    I do have a pass for Saturday 26th though.

  • In for a bit of Cock(pole)
  • Sorry guys I've been a bit busy. The ride is still on!

    As far as the route we can be a bit adaptable as we go along.

    RP 8:00

    Graham's 9:00
  • Only just seen this. You might want to rethink the start point. RP is closed to all traffic tomorrow morning.
  • Yeah afraid Im going to give it a miss - too early and awkward for me with the slvlss mess in Richmond. Have a great ride chaps.
  • That's a shame dan.
  • To be honest, Jason and I tagged on the 60k BCC run from CSG this morning - and even that was a struggle for me. Recent back injury and illness means my form has just fallen off a cliff. I don't think I would have got round if I had come out to meet you guys. Eb still isn't well and getting back at 10.30 means I can still spend the the day with her. 
    Have decided to draw a line under the season. 
  • But WHAT a season :)
  • Haha. It's been emotional ;)

    I'd like to thank my sponsors, the tea lady at Herne Hill and the baby jesus.. Oh and EB for repairing my skinsuit a few times..
  • Illness = bleurgh, 
  • 135k's of a pretty undulating route. Some nice quiet lanes, but for the love of god why don't they do something about the road surface. Not a lot left in the tank now.

    Cheers for the company G and Tom and for the coffee. Nana nap now…
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