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  • I have the Saturday morning free and quite fancy riding MTBs. I don't have one (yet) and was thinking of hiring again from the Look Out / Swinley forest.

    I have room in my car to take 4 peeps and plenty of space in my garden if you fancied riding over for the lift. The hire is £15 for a three hours and is bloody good fun.

    If we get a list going i can organise the hire for all that are interested?

  • Graham
  • Dave DaKettle was expressing interest in this
  • I would like to do this but logistically its a non-starter for me :( 
  • Time to learn to drive dahn?
  • I would like to do this but medically it is a non-starter for me :(
  • I would like to but existentially this is a non-starter for me
  • Ved said:

    Time to learn to drive dahn?

    Yes, but not for this reason. Even if I could drive.. I'm not sure it would work. This is kind of why I stopped riding bouncy bikes in the first place.
  • i’m a maybe. just need to see what i’m doing nearer the time, would get the train to martins heron though and meet you there.
    if somebody wants a cheap entry into MTB i still have most of a SS 26in dialled bikes love hate in the loft for sells. perfect for swinley.

  • I would like to but aesthetically this is a non-starter for me
  • Graham

    I can loan out some MTB bikes FOC if people can collect and return to the City - Probably easier to rent at Swinley but these would be better bikes.
  • I would be well up for that when I have returned to the land of the living. I rode a Giant (think it was a Trance of some sort) at Whistler a couple of years ago and it was super awesome. I was stoked. One day I expect that I will buy one (or something else from their range).
  • Nice one Dave!
  • Gary if you fancy riding we will meet at swinley for 9:30.
  • I fancy it but really pushed for time at the mo and bike is in bits in loft so I'm going to have to pass :-(
  • It's a shame but we will rad for you
  • I would like to go on one of these. 
    When would the next one be?
  • When it's too icy and cold to ride on the road and the slop and grime freezes and makes for super fast trails and not cleaning the bike.
  • Damo for me the next one will be next month. I will post some dates sooner.
  • Graham said:

    Damo for me the next one will be next month. I will post some dates sooner.


  • Don't get it?
  • That was awesome! Great to see continental out and about was happy to keep up on some of the more tricky lines. Tom unfortunately stayed in the car as was not feeling tip top after going to a beer festival with me in a scout hut #trufacts.

    I may be adding a MTB to the fleet in the shed so these rides will happen more often over the winter months.
  • Ha! Tom after the DaKettle trophy?
  • Oh Tom!
  • Oh dear.
  • Ha ha. Reminds me of one birthday around 15 years ago when we all went out the night before. I got steaming drunk, the next morning everyone played golf while I slept in the car!
  • "Because of its privacy settings, this video cannot be played here."

    Anyone else get that?
  • no
    I'm currently watching it
  • Oh. Maybe our IT people have done something bad.
  • I've raised a Help Desk call and flagged it as urgent (given the film is only showing today).

    Is it any good? Are you and Graham in it?
  • go straight to second line support!

    Yeah good so far..Some segments do remind me of our recent Swinley session!
  • Cool video. Beautiful locations. Anthill stuff is always great. Shame that bloke gets eaten by the bear.
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