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Sunday 11 October club run
  • Ride out to Surrey, slog it up a few hillz, back for a coffee

    Depart: RP 9:00AM
    Pace - social
    Route c80k - TBC (any particular requests?)


  • Route ... classique!
  • Looks good Si.
  • I will submit pass to HQ.
  • Is that pre-diarisation approval Ved?
  • That is a great route. Be aware! Last weekend Dov and I went up Ranmore Road (from Dorking), and there was a long queue of cars waiting to get into the recycling centre half way up/down. This might cause some consternation when/if you "bomb" down that descent.

    Sorry I can't make this.
  • I'm away unfortunately, otherwise I'd join. 

    To avoid the recycling centre issue, the alternative is to go down Ranmore Common Road instead, and then right on Chapel Lane to Box Hill. This also avoids having to negotiate the A24 from Dorking to Box Hill.
  • Yeah. That is the standard route. I do love going down Ranmore Road though.
  • Jaygee going down Ranmore Road

  • Haha.

    Yes wayne I am due a club run credit.
  • Good call. Will re-route this
  • Coolio - In
  • Should we leave 9 prompt and Pop into Giro Cafe on way out? I will buy cordatos.
  • Very generous Ved, I'm keen for that
  • I think I'm in! Will confirm tomorrow.
  • woot woot!
  • Cracking ride with the So Solid Crew - Simon, Jaygee, Dommy and Vedster.

    Glorious weather, no need for a gilet and the armwarmers came off after Esher. A poke up the Alpe D'Ranmore and then the Col de Box left me with not a lot left in the tank. Managed to get a ticket for the J-Train but got shunted off to the siding, while Dommy stayed on til the terminus.

    Good strong and considerate riding by all, wouldn't mind this weather for all the autumn and winter…

    Was also thinking of getting the Seven out for the winter, it's such a nice bike and I wasn't that keen on the impromptu prostate exam by my saddle as we reached Richmond Park.

    Thanks for the coffees at Giro Ved and thanks for organising the ride Simon
  • That was a cracking ride. What an amazing day. I will post some photees when I get a chance. 

    Good to ride with you guys and nice one for organising Simon. 

  • Great ride guys. I definitely felt the effect of not having ridden much this summer.
    Slept well though!
  • Nice ride, cracking when in the sun.
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