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Summer trip to Belgium // July
  • Graham, Tom and myself have been planning a little weekend trip to Belgium in the summer to ride some cobbles and drink some beer and thought we would see if anyone fancies joining us before we book anything.

    We will be leaving London on Friday 15th July and returning on Monday 18th July.

    The plan is to go by car / Eurotunnel and hire a house somewhere in the Belgian countryside. 

    Ride plan is roughly: 
    Friday AM - travel
    Friday PM - short ride, beer/frites
    Sat and Sun - full day rides, beer/frites
    Monday AM - short morning ride before packing up.
    Monday PM - travel home, preferably via a beer depot to load up.

    We want to try and get accommodation booked by the end of this month so if anyone is up for it lets get a list and I can start looking for suitable places to stay.
  • I'm interested. Will get back to you.
  • I'm game.
  • Sounds great, I'll be in Morzine though. You forgot to add 'watch Tour de France in bar' to you itinerary HTH.
  • I am interested. Confirmation to follow...
  • Booked this off too! Boom! In.
  • Check you PR date!
  • Am up for this. Not a deal breaker but would love to roll by Ateliers Jaegher Bruggestraat 120
    8755 Ruiselede, Belgium

    I want to go order a basic off the peg steel frame, but custom colour.

    Whatever, count me in.
  • just email them the RAL number.
  • I need to brief them in Belgian
  • Are you guys still planning on doing this?
  • We are doing it.

    Currently Me, Graham, Tom, Denny, Nath and Will.

    leaving on Friday 15th July and back on Monday 18th

    Booked a really nice house with 5 bedrooms, one is a dorm room that I think has 4 spare beds in if you want to join us?

    Currently Graham and I are both driving. I should be able to squeeze one more in the car - gonna have a 3 bike rack on the back so would need to squeeze 1 bike in the boot in pieces, as long as everyone packs light and doesn't mind getting cosy on the back seat

  • Looking at about £200 each to cover house, eurotunnel and petrol I think.

    Just need beer and frites monies.

  • bargz.

    wish i could go 
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