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  • Morning.
    Thursday evenings. Who is in?

    At the moment, I'm just going round in circles slowly at regent's park. I did 8 whole laps last week, I intend on matching this again and maybe hitting 10.
    I averaged 25 kmh last week, so it's not quick.

    Im not chatty, last week the silence punctuated by my tyres on the road was the soundtrack. It was great.

    Starts at 630/7 depending on me leaving work at 6/630.

  • I was thinking about this the other day. Yes. Not sure about this week though, as I have lost the keys to my secure parking and it will take a bit of time to remedy this.
  • I may be keen on this. Very close to my work. 
  • Okes. Well I will be going round and round anyway.
    Will check in on Thursday.
  • Grupetto Chain Gang!  Mudguards mandatory if wet?
  • I could do 18:30 and then have enough time ot get back to Rapha and collect my bag
  • Might join you. Not this week as I'll probably be watching the TWC.
  • I have mudguards, flaps, and a 1 x 10 set up.

  • I have no mudguards and am on 48x16 fixed. Would need to stash my large backpack in your locker (not euph)
  • Last year when I was working in West London I used to d-lock my backpack to some discreet bit of railings in the inner circle while I lapped. Just don't leave a phone, money or laptop in it and you're fine... 
  • I am at E&C now. Not at TCR....
    Large backpack, is it necessary?
    Edit: Dan said it.
  • Ok sorry Damo I remember now. Will leave all my stuff at the office, I can figure it out.

    No guards tho, cos Pista. Will sit on the back if the weather is inclement.
  • I have the longest flaps.
  • I have those Raw ones.
  • I'm supposed to be doing roller rev outs this Thursday. Will try to get it into the schedule for next week
  • I'm taking the Roberts in to work. I won't come if there is even a sniff of rain, as I don't have flaps.
  • Ok. I'm still in. My bike creaks. Because it needs cleaning.

    I usually enter the park at Cumberland Place and get going from there.

  • Out this week, but see you next week. Will this continue once TiK resumes? Nice to have the two options.
  • I hope so Sam. I've requested Tuesday and Thursday evenings with a weekend option. 
    I'm hoping to do this blah blah blah and then, as it gets closer to september move to doing horrible intervals somewhere. 
  • I haz bike and desire. I'll be there a bit before you so I'll be lapping slowly anti-clockwise. 

    If you go clockwise, see me and jump on?
  • FYI I have the invoice from LMNHs for the caps so if you haven't already please can you pay what you owe by the end of the week so that I can pay them. Thanks

  • The fettling I did to the Roberts has not fixed the creak. For this reason I will be riding at home (unless I change my mind).
  • It's a lovely day out there for a bike ride. 

    Just done mine though. 
  • I'm out d'meaux. returned ricky's bike and packed the bike gear. giving up cycling after freezing my tits off yesterday
  • I finish work at 5pm. will be in the park around 5:37pm
  • You'll be there on your own. In the cold.
  • andyp said:

    It's a lovely day out there for a bike ride. 

    Just done mine though. 

    *shakes fist*

  • Jaygee said:

    The fettling I did to the Roberts has not fixed the creak. For this reason I will be riding at home (unless I change my mind).

    Obv I know, but my creak was solved by a new pair of more robust wheel skewers.  Just saying...
  • Jason - Fill the BB with GT85.
  • You might have a point. I wish I didn't have a mixing campag/shimano OCD. I have some DA skewers sitting in my parts box.

    I have been avoiding forking out £64 for campag record versions.

    I can't track down any other internal cam skewers.

    @dov - No!

  • Jason, I'll buy those skewers off you!
  • Not for sale. They go with my C24s
  • So... who's riding tonight?
  • What time are you getting there Dovski?
  • Prolly 6:20
  • ME. 
    I'm riding. I'm leaving my work at 6 hopefully.

  • Regents Park, I am inside you. I have done a lap.
  • Was great to see you guys. Next week I shall return, sans backpack
  • Nice laps, good flaps.
  • Think I'm out.
    I've had really bad foot pain and swollen ankles when I wake up for the last week or so. So bad this morning I couldn't get my shoes on.

    Went to urgent care, they think it's plantar fascitis. I hope it is because I'm shitting it I have arthritis.
  • Crikey. Let's hope it is that. How long until you get an official diagnosis? Or were you just told to go away and take anti-inflammatory medication?

    I reckon it's a dead cert, according to the internets a risk factor in plantar fasciitis is obesity and a lack of exercise.
  • Well...I've got a dermatology appt where I will ask for rheumatology blood tests before going to my rheumatologist appt.

    So march 22 I reckon
  • Fingers crossed!
  • Grim. Hope it's ok
  • Sure you'll be fine and it's something that can be sorted.  Probably just impact trauma from all that power you put down. Fingers crossed here too.
  • Modern medicine is great. I got cocodamol, massive antiinflammatories, and stomach acid protectors.
    I managed to get my shoes on and less pain. I don't feel bleak.

    Some time on the internet suggests tight calves, like der, and a lack of proper support in the foot bed, and probably flat feet and probably muscle imbalance.

    I think swimming looks good right now.
  • I was off my face on one cocodamol last night.
  • I had cocodamol in the hospital when I was knocked off my bike. That stuff is amazing.
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