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SUPERSUNDAY: Kent Ride, 17/04/16, meet 9am at Cadence.
  • Hey gang,

    I'd like to suggest a ride a week on Sunday around Kent, taking in a few hills. There are two routes that I used to do a lot. One is an extension of the TiK route and another goes out near Eynsford.

    Option 1: (Cake stop at the top of Ide Hill)

    Option 2: (Cake stop in Otford before Row Dow)

    Any takers?

  • list.

  • NathC
  • Bit too long for me :(
  • Day after my wedding, think Nic may be a little annoyed if I go for a ride.
  • At a wedding. People getting married are very fucking inconsiderate.
  • dandan said:

    Day after my wedding, think Nic may be a little annoyed if I go for a ride.

    My invite is still in the post right?

  • Anyone else? Also, which route?
  • Eb and I hope to join you for the way out - she's only just got back on the bike, and I'm a lazy sprinter, so we're keeping it under 2.5 hours. We might also have one more with us. 
  • There's a chance I will come along for some of the ride. I'll be going out to see my Dad on either Saturday or Sunday, and if it's Sunday, I'll join you for a while.
  • wrong commment
  • Top work
  • Probably in
  • Where's the cake stop?
  • List:

    Dan (part)
    EB (part)
    +1 (part)
    Will (part, maybe)
    Dommy (maybe)

    Any more?
  • Cake stop for route 2 is the Pond View Cafe. A bit rubbish, but at the half way mark. Totally up for other suggestions.
  • Awesome. Can watch the ducks in the pond.
  • Depending on progress/time I may have to peel off at the tea stop. It's only 12 1/2 miles to home from there.
  • "Pond cafe" 

    Is this indicative of their coffee quality....? 
  • We could stop at the Ide Hill cafe, actually, I forgot that we are going up there (oh gawd).
  • Better idea, Nath. I can also slope off home from there too if need be :0)
  • Nice route, nice group can't do Sunday :-(
  • Are you meeting in Cadence 9am? 
  • Yep! But if people would like to meet at a different time then that's cool.
  • I'd like to be back in time to watch the Amstel Gold Race.
  • Back for 1pm then? Do people want to start at 8? (please no).
  • Jaygee said:

    I'd like to be back in time for when the pubs open so I can sink pints and pints of Amstel.

  • Earliest I can get there for is 8:30.
  • I'm afraid I will have to peel off home at Ide Hill. George has a place in a new respite club, first one is 1pm Sunday. Hopefully will still have time for a coffee at the cake stop!
  • I could do 8.30 if others are game... got a house viewing at 2.30....
  • Let's make it 8:30am then?

    List for reference...

    Dan (part)
    EB (part)
    +1 (part)
    Will (part, maybe)
    Dommy (maybe)
  • Just checked, and the race isn't on Eurosport. 8.30 is fine by me though.
  • It's on Eurosport 2 from 1pm.
  • I must have been blind this morning. Thanks Sam.
  • Good work Nath, I may see if I can sneak out for a coffee. 
  • Yeah, go on! 

    I'm going to try to get to Cadence for 8am so I can chill out a bit before we head out.
  • I haven't quite worked out what I'm doing tomorrow...

    If I'm there then I'm there. But don't wait for me if it looks like I haven't turned up!
  • I'm really not sure about tomorrow folks. Destroyed myself in a 25 mile TT this afternoon, I'm currently hobbling around like an old man!

    Fingers crossed tho.
  • Sorry chaps, I won't be able to make this. Can hardly walk, and coupled with a 5am start yesterday and a 4:30 one today I just cannot do it.
  • Not for me. I'm realising I need to be a bit more sensible about ramping up my distance :) Have a good ride.
  • God, I'm awake! It's a miracle. I'll be leaving stokey at 7.30am.
    Sorry you won't be joining us, Sam and Will.
  • Next time, Will and Sam. I signed up for the Strava Premium trial. Download route for free here
  • Wotcha gaffers.

    I've been up since 5am.

    Have a good ride.
  • Looks like you will have a nice sunny morning for it!
  • Argh sorry guys, terrible nights sleep, not going to make it. Enjoy the ride
  • will said:

    Looks like you will have a nice sunny morning for it!

    Deceptive, it's brass monkeys out there.
  • Definitely coming... 5 mins late
  • 1 degree broes
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