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Bank Holiday Monday - May Day Madness
  • Anyone fancy riding a century? Imperial obvs.
  • 1. Dov
    2. jaygee (if it isn't raining)

  • What time you starting? I would very much like to come and join in. not sure I'll be able to make it though.
  • My range is 50 miles tops

    * weeps*
  • @bobby, What time is too early?
  • Innit. We can shift shit for you B
  • Really wish I could be on this but I'm working....FML.
  • I'm working too.

    Cheese loving bastards...
  • Where you leaving from?
    Would struggle to make it to Richmond park for anytime before 9:30 really I'm supposed to be doing a whopper ride out to Gospel Pass in Wales on Sunday too, so could be a little worse for ware!
  • Not sure about what Dov has planned route wise. I suppose RP is probably easiest for you, as you can park your car. Dov?
  • Yeah. RP is good.

    I'm riding 220km Sat, 105 Sun and then 175km on Mon so GTFO your worse for ware excuses. 
    10am RP?
  • ^ whopper chat.

    Ok, lemme check with th boss tonight, and I'll report back in the morning.
  • He rules with an iron paw.
  • It fearsome.
  • 10am at RP???
  • 175km route?
    10am Roehampton Cafe

    1. Dov (whopper)
    2. jaygee (if it isn't raining)
    3. Bobby (Rudy approved rider)
  • I'm going to leave home at 7:00, which should put me at the cafe in RP around 9:15 all being well... will give me time to sort my shit out and grab a quick bite to eat.

    Does anybody know the score with the car park by the cafe? can i leave my car there all day without paying?
  • Yes you can.

    I'll meet you there at 9:30 for brekkiefasties
  • +1 For brekkie.
  • You better call ahead and let them know to order more food.
  • I predict a KM to LOL ratio of 2.8 on this ride.
  • Maybe as high as 3 if i crash.
  • Pro tip: Never ride next to Dov. Or behind of me on a descent.
  • Yes you can.

    I'll meet you there at 9:30 for brekkiefasties

    I'll just turn up for the food 
  • Can you do a weather bagel thingy of the route please Dov?
  • Won't be as nice as today, but the LOLZ will make up for the sullen sky.
  • Guys, I just got home from riding in wales. I'm absolutely goosed. Did 225km with an awful lot of up and the last 100 was into a horrible headwind.
    I'm not sure i can face getting up at 6:00 and driving to london, so dont think i will make this... really sorry, but im so tired i think i might fall asleep on the motorway!
  • Good day for it.

    I hope you had the same amazing weather as us (besides the wind). It will be Sad not to see you.

    Some up and down in Wales sounds like a good excuse for me to get on a train.
  • No worries Bobby.

    Jason, Kent? 10am at cadence??
  • Cool. See you there.
  • Yeah, come visit! Wye Valley is excellent! Would love to ride, but it's the drive either side of the ride I just can't be dealing with. Sorry to flake out.
    Weather was awful, we had the nice weather here yesterday!
  • The Wye Valley is featured at the end of the Bryan Chapman! We have spare places if you like Bobby?
  • I'd like to ride tomorrow.... Sorry not to see you Bobby... See you at cadence
  • The Wye Valley is featured at the end of the Bryan Chapman! We have spare places if you like Bobby?

    Fuck that!
    Would like to try a 300k ride this year, but the Bryan Chapman is too nuts for me. I would throw my toys out the pram at some point for sure.
  • 300k is a long daty but manageable. 600k? Pffft.
  • My main issue with super long rides is the amount of crap you need (want) to take with you to cover the weather changes. Was handy having a little bar bag today. Looks pretty dumb tho!
  • Have a good ride today guys.
  • Have a good one. It's been drizzling in Kent on and off since 6am, I hope you all don't get caught out.
  • Thanks Dov and Dommy. Nice route with some new roads. I'll bank that for Summer. The weather was kind. More bluebells than I have seen in a long time. Yay.
  • How was the ride today chaps? Jaycee you sound like you had fun in the bluebells.
  • Jon Crowbar and I went out for a nice, steady midmorning ride in Kent. With coffee, beer and toasted sandwiches. No deckchairs were harmed in the making of this ride.
  • Was windy yesterday.

  • It was a bit breezy.
    Ride felt bloody hard yesterday. I think I'm just really weak.
  • I was struggling too. JG was drilling us.
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