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Rolling to the Stones: Night ride to Avebury
  • Hey guys.

    On Monday 20th June I will be riding to Avebury with a few LFGSS folk.

    Does anyone want in? If so then youramericanlover (aka Dan) and I (aka FixedCheese) are sorting out train tickets.

    Here's the thread;
  • Let me check diary and stuff. I've always wanted to do this one...
  • Any one else?
  • im too sleep deprived for this Nath.

  • It's Ved-bomb time again :)
  • will said:

    It's Ved-bomb time again :)

    will said:

    It's Ved-bomb time again :)

    Did u like my cologne joke?

  • Yes, I did.
  • I've got approval on the home front. Just need to check work schedule
  • Work schedule looks clear, leave request submitted.
  • I'm pondering this. Will discuss with Andrea over the next day or so. 
  • *fingers crossed*

    I think I'll be getting the train to Bracknell, because of the bed time commotions and Alex getting home from work.
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