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Sunday 21st Ride
  • Who fancies a ride ?

    I fancy a short ride to a pub for a pint (or mulled wine?) then a slow ride back who's in...
  • I'm keen, but I'd prefer rolling around in mud. 

    What sort of ride route you have in mind G. I have 2 hours max available. 
  • I like the sound of this ride. I strongly intend to join you.

    Did you have a mulled wine venue in mind?

    What sort of time (to be compatible with pub opening hours etc.)?
  • I like the idea of this, but have stuff to do early afternoon :(
  • We could just do a short-ish ride and have breakfast somewhere rather than get lashed?
  • Breakfast is also a fine suggestion?

    Early ride, short, food and/or drink orientated.

  • Food? In.
  • If we ride quickly we could bring boiling mulled wine (in bidons) and it would still be warm when we stop. Or if we skip the "ride" aspect of this ride it would be warmer still.
  • I like how we are #crowdsourcing this ride 
  • can you tweet a running commentary on Sunday? #CSGlife
  • If I can link my phone to my state of the art garmin, i could probably get Siri to do all that shizz for me... 
  • Could do that. Breakfast at tried and true?
  • Just looked at the picture on the front page of T&T. Wow. In.
  • Yeah its good. Jason and I had the pork and eggs this Sunday. John wet the bed and opted for pancakes, then cried about the mascapone.. #firstworldbreakfasts
  • In if weather allows a lack of mudguards.
  • So what's the plan? That wheelers route isn't going to take 2 hours. More like 2.5-3 depending on how much faffing occurs or punctures we get.
  • No punctures as I'm on the winter tubs...

    9am at RP and then roll out. If we fancy more we can just stitch on a few loops I know over this way.

    I am fat and slow.
  • Alright. List time (please add your name if you are coming, otherwise we won't know whether to wait for you). 

    1. Graham
    2. Dan 
  • 1. Graham
    2. Dan
    3. Will
  • 1. Graham
    2. Dan
    3. Will
    4. Francis.

    EB's brother in law is going to come out with us too, hope that's okay? He's not ridden road for a while (only bouncy bikes) but used to crit race and is pretty experienced.
  • That's cool.

  • 1. Graham
    2. Dan
    3. Will
    4. Francis
    5. Ved 
  • Graham said:

    No punctures as I'm on the winter tubs...

    9am at RP and then roll out. If we fancy more we can just stitch on a few loops I know over this way.

    I am fat and slow.

    No more distance...plz 
  • 1.Graham
    2. Dan
    3. Will
    4. Francis
    5. Ved
    6. Tom
  • You ending up back at T&T?
  • I thought we were going directly to T&T?
  • 1.Graham
    2. Dan
    3. Will
    4. Francis
    5. Ved 
    6. Tom
    7. Sam J
  • I hope you are looking forward to Pepperami time again Uncle
  • Sorry guys, I'm out. Less than four hours sleep; enjoy.
  • ETA 9:06
  • Four hours sleep you lucky thing!
  • Just seen the grupetto train on its way back through Ham. Looking neat and tidy with Ved issuing the orders from the back .
  • Sorry I missed this. It seems I didn't entirely rid myself of the last bout of man flu.
  • Ved kept us well disciplined. He's a hard task-master.

    Very enjoyable ride. Great to see everyone (especially with a rare visit from Sam and even rarer visit from The Gooseman). Big festive chapeau (i.e. a santa hat) to Sam for the kind breakfast gesture.
  • ditto that. Thanks Sam, very generous of you. Excellent Karma points.

    Lovely ride, nice to be out with the Grup after Sooooo long. 

    Thanks to Sam, Ved and sundry others for repeatedly towing me back in when there was nothing extra to find.  As ever, entirely supportive crew for the 'born again' rider.

    Hopefully will make this a regular event. Need to get some miles in before January.  Also need tips on running as a means of inflicting unnecessary pain on myself keeping fitness level progressing in the right direction.
  • Thanks for the ride, Very enjoyable. And cheers Sam very generous! Rather tired now.
  • Thanks everyone for the ride today! Really generous of you Sam for breakfast.

    Really nice ride and a decent pace to boot. Really great to see Sam and John, not so great to see Will (mostly the back of him whilst breathing out of my arse trying to keep pace)

    Thanks again and have a fantastic Christmas grumps!
  • John, running tips:

    1. Don't.
    2. See 1.
  • Sorry not to make this - felt like death this morning. So many faces I've not seen for ages.

    Went out on my own in the wind and actually felt good on a bike for the first time in about 1.5 months. Maybe some fitness returning, or maybe just in the mind.

    Seeing as I am in London over Christmas i'm planning to actually do the whole festive 500 thing this year. Would love some company for some of it if anyone else is game? Planning something long and flat on Boxing day, riding out from Richmond. Will also do something largish on christmas eve, but most likely in Kent.
  • Shame you couldn't make it. It was a good turn out. Just like the old days.

    I'm away for a few days over Xmas but was also thinking about doing the Festive 500. Boxing Day is a possibility although unlikely. Anyway I'll post up when I'm around and riding.
  • Yes please will. I might make a thread for it.
  • Lovely to see everyone and a great ride.  Feeling nicely tired now.  

    Can't believe that pesky wind gave me hard time all the way to RP and then back home as well.  Grrrr.

    Would love to join you on Boxing Day Dan.  We have family coming over so might be unlikely, but will start to lay the foundations now.

  • Oh, twas a pleasure to buy the breakfast.  Merry Christmas :-)
  • Great ride guys. The route was a bit busy traffic wise, but not too much of a PITA. 

    Nice to see Tom, John and Sam again, has been a while. 

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