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Isle of Wight Day Trip // 20th MAY 2016
  • Isle of Wight Day Trip, 20th May 2016

    Exact route to be determined, but it could be something like this


    9.00 outbound train from London Waterloo to Portsmouth Harbour
    18.45 return train from Portsmouth Harbour to London Waterloo
    £9 each way if booked in advance. Individuals are responsible for sorting out their own tickets.

    Bikes are free of charge on the ferry when you go as a foot passenger. We will pay for the ferry on the day and there no space restrictions.


    Sam J

    Yet to confirm:


    Not sure if he can make it:


  • I like the sound of that. I did a 2-day trip MTB trip around IoW a while back. Good fun.
  • I did pretty much that exact route a few years ago with my brother. The south east of the island is very hilly, and if the usual wind direction is in place the Military Road heading north west towards The Needles is a gurn-fest.
  • I've done the IoW randonnee twice (i think)

    Also in May. 

    Did it fixed. With FixieSkidders. Was fun.
  • Heading from Shanklin towards Ventnor.

  • Im interested
  • I've done many laps of IOW. Many many pot holes!
     Are you planing to cycle too the ferry port? 
  • Also interested. Love the Isle of Wight but not cycled there before.

    If we want to stay over I may be able to get us a deal on a great house in Cowes that friends of ours own and rent out.

  • This could be fun. I've also done the IoWR a couple of times. I have fond memories of "The Damo Train". The randonnee route is signposted.
  • I was thinking about this too recently.

    I'm definitely keen. Have cycled round island a few times always fun.
  • List.

    Damo ?
    Sam ?
  • Excellent.

    I have set up a Doodle Poll to determine the most suitable date(s) in May. 

    Please complete if you're interested :-)

  • Is it better to get ferry from Portsmouth to Fishbourne or Southampton to Cowes?

    The latter brings you to the start of the official route. And the train journey is quicker (by about 20 mins on average). But the crossing is about 10 mins longer. 
  • Official route? So do you mean the randonee route? Or the one at the top of the thread? I'd ride the top route as it covers the whole of the Isle of Wight, as in you are always going around the very outskirts of the island.

    We went on the Whitelink ferry from Portsmouth to Ryde, which is great as the ferry stops at the end of a pier that you have to be careful on not to ride into any gaps between the planks :0)

    Niton has a lovely post office that also sells cakes and tings. You can also stop at The Needles and use the cafe there. Bit chavvy tho.
  • Sam - your brother badly needs a haircut
  • Fortunately he has since the photo was taken (2005 I think).
  • The crazy golf at the Needles is poor. All of the courses at Shanklin (there are several) are better.
  • Pompey every time.  
  • There is a great place for crab sandwiches and a beer right on the seafront at Steephill Cove just outside Ventnor, but it is pedestrian access only, and it is a very steep hill, so probably a bit of a nightmare to get down to in cycling shoes. 
  • Denny - Fishbourne is best IMO.
  • Right. 

    So far Jaygee and Tom have completed the Doodle Poll and the only day we can all do, for the whole month of May (!) is Friday 27th May. 

    If that sounds OK to others interested then I propose we go with that.
  • The behavioural flaw in Doodle polls is that people are influenced by what others have entered.

    (I have just filled it out and copied Jason's answers)
  • Is bank holiday ya?
  • Will this mean increased traffic levels?
  • Damo train stops for nothing.
  • ^^^ Good point.

    Following the latest Doodle entry, the most popular dates are now:

    Fri 6th May
    Mon 9th May
    Fri 13th May
    Fri 20th
    Mon 23rd
    Fri 27th

    Given the potential for increased traffic on 27th, perhaps we could consider the other dates. 

    @Tom - is 27th May really the only day you can do of all those on the poll? 

    @ved @graham - what dates work for you?

    @Damo @Sam - Ved has listed you as possibles, although I don't think you've actually said you're definitely interested. If you are interested, could you also let us know what dates work for you?

  • I have done this. That's as it stands at the mo, but if workmates take time off between now and then it will change things. If I could preference a day it would be a Friday. Nice long weekend :0)
  • What Sam sed.
  • Going to be in Borneo most of May. 27th is the only date I can do, but don't let that stop you choosing other dates.
  • ^Borneo?! Business or pleasure?

    I think I agree Friday would be better. 

    @Ved I think you are the only one not to complete the Doodle poll yet. Can you consult your filofax please and let me know what Fridays work for you?
  • pleasure. Can't wait.
  • Some orangutan action?
  • Yeah hope so
  • Bear with me 

    (no pun intended)
  • Btw think I have added my dates.
  • Has this been resolved yet? I have booked 27 May off...
  • So, the most popular days are each Friday of the month. The only issue with 27th is the possibility of bank holiday traffic. We could do it on 20th to avoid this? Or is that an issue Jay, now that you've booked 27th off?
  • ill check on Monday. Shouldn't be a problem
  • Ooh I can do the 20th if the date does change.
  • Let's stick to 20th then.
  • Let me know if it is definitely moving to the 20th and I will book the day off work
  • ^ I think we're just waiting on Jay...
  • Can't do the 20th. First day back. But dont let that stop you
  • Sorry wasn't at work yesterday. I have requested the 20th off, and don't see any issues getting it. I'm going to be holding the 27th too.

    Go ahead and book.
  • Cool I shall put my request in.
  • I did my first ride in months this morning (a commute) as a way of re-learning to ride my bike. I'm going to book a Cycling Proficiency test in a few weeks, and by the end of May I expect to be good enough to join you.
  • Do you still get a medal/badge if you're successful?
  • So, 20th May it is then (sorry Tom!)



    I will look into train and ferry times later today.
  • No worries
  • I have both dates off now! I'm sure I can find something else to do on the second weekend.
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